Hollow is Better!

The Think XOR is unique in that it is a hollow carbon/Kevlar/honeycomb construction.
Why is hollow better? Because it’s lighter, stiffer, and stronger!
At Think, building hollow was the obvious path for us to follow. Our background and experience is in building World Championship winning ocean racing surfskis. We know that SUP’s can and do benefit from the same technical expertise applied in other forms of ocean and Olympic sports (surfski, sailing, sprint kayak, etc), which all use composite sandwich hollow core construction.
Traditionally SUP’s are being built using foam cores, with a fiberglass or carbon laminate as the outer skin. This works great on 9’ surf board, but not so much at 14’! To keep the weight down on a 14’er, foam core builders are leaving out the stringer, using low density foams, and using minimal amounts of material in the outer skin. The result is flexy and fragile.
With hollow construction, all the weight (light-weight that is!), is in the outer skin. There is no flexy fragile core. By sandwiching the honeycomb between layers of carbon/Kevlar the laminate becomes stiff, light, and relatively tough!