Race day or Play day?

The XOR is the perfect blend of speed and stability; a capable race-winning machine on Saturday morning, or a fun fast cruising board on Sunday afternoon.
A low rocker displacement nose gives the XOR a full length waterline, and a supremely quiet ride. The 28” width provides enough stability to let you put the power down, and it’s thin swede form allows for a clean paddle entry and great glide. Combined with a rockered 10” square tail, the board remains stable and predictable when stepping back for a quick turn or a wave ride.
A cross-section of the hull in the standing area shows a flat to round profile, with soft rails. This profile minimizes surface area and turbulence, allowing for a small amount of board roll (think mono-hull racing sailboat design). As the board rolls a small amount, the rail presses deeper into the water, creating loads of secondary stability.
The XOR is great for all conditions from flat to moderate. The gently recessed standing encourages moving around on the deck for those downwind days when you need to step back. For flat conditions or race days, the deck is marked with a laser cut trim line, so you know exactly where to stand for maximum glide.